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We Encourage Parents to spend quality time with their children

Posted on 12-28-2016 | Corinne Bundy

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Kids R Kids #23 Watkinsville Encourages Parents to Spend Quality Time with their Children.

Most parents do value spending time with their children, but all too often our lifestyle doesn't lend itself to "togetherness." Even when we plan special time with them, things don't always go smoothly.Here are a few helpful tips for making the time spent together happy and productive for all:

If you spend time at work during the week and your child spends the majority of time in school or at childcare, staying home and having an unstructured day during the weekend might be a better way to nurture a relationship than going to see a movie or going to the zoo. A relaxing time doing what you all enjoy--which may be as simple as fixing pancakes for breakfast or going on a hike--may be the best use of your time.

Consider the basics: hunger and sleep. It's difficult to have fun with a tired or hungry child (or adult for that matter). Try to keep naps on schedule. Eat an early lunch if you're going out for the afternoon, or take along a simple lunch.

Do something with your children that you like to do. If you do something you enjoy, the pleasure is often contagious. Sometimes let children join in your projects. The adult world is appealing to children. After all, children want more than anything to be "big." They also want to spend time with their parents.

Remember, kids are kids for only a short time.Building a strong relationship with them now means you can enjoy the rewards for a lifetime.

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