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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more information about enrolling my child?

We are happy you are interested in our Kids `R` Kids. Please come by at your convenience for a tour of our classrooms and to discuss our program. We look forward to meeting you! You may also give us a call at (706) 546-9400 for information.

What curriculum do you use?

We use Creative Curriculum which is based on learning centers and "hands-on" activities. You will not find workbooks, work sheets or color pages in our program. We encourage our children to be creative and they are very proud of their work. Children retain more by touching, smelling, listening and seeing the objects and topics being studied each week.   We also have two supplemental curricula created specifically for Kids 'R' Kids: BrainWaves and STEAM Ahead.

How old will the other children be in my child`s age group?

Children are grouped based on development rather than simple chronological age. This approach enables students to enjoy a higher level of accomplishment while minimizing frustration. By diminishing gaps in behavioral development within the class, peer groups are created that share similar cognitive aptitudes. The lessons in each classroom can then be customized to more specifically meet the students` abilities.

What is the ratio of teachers to children?

We better the state required ratios in all our classrooms by two: infants are 1:4; toddlers are 1:6; two year olds are 1:8; three and four year olds are 1:13 and our school age group is 1:20. Having lower ratios allow for more teacher-child interaction throughout the day

Is your staff trained in CPR?

At Kids `R` Kids, we require all our staff to be trained in CPR and, as such, offer training classes throughout the year here in our building.

Is there internet viewing of my child at your center?

Yes, our internet viewing system can connect parents and family members to their child while at work or thousands of miles away. Through a secured internet site and unique password, you can observe your child's daily activities through your computer. This service is included in your tuition.

How do you know who can pick up my child?

The only persons authorized to pick up your child are those you specify on your child`s enrollment forms. Those names are entered into our computer and will show on our touch screen sign out computer at the front desk of Kids `R` Kids. We will verify ID`s for first time pickups. For security purposes, our front door remains locked at all times, and everyone must be buzzed in. Any special pick up requests must be in writing and signed by the child`s guardian.

Do we pay if our child is absent?

If your child is out for a full week, we will credit you 50% tuition for that week. We give each child a total of two absent credits per calendar year, beginning the day you enroll.

What happens if my child gets sick at school?

If your child runs a fever, develops stomach issues or is just not themselves, we will notify you. For the health of the other students, a child may return to school after 24 hours "fever free" and if not contagious. We also will administer prescription medications if needed.

What are your hours of operation?

6:00 am - 6:30 pm Monday through Friday

All Kids 'R' Kids Watkinsville faculty and personnel are required to follow state regulations that apply to training.  Our staff is trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness.  Additional training in curriculum, child development, classroom arrangement, classroom management, age appropriate activities, nutrition, field trip planning and OSHA regulations provides the staff with skills needed to create a safe, quality learning environment.  The staff is encouraged to further their education through CDA programs and are given opportunities to attend professional training courses.

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