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Protect Your Children from the Sun

Posted on 06-14-2017 | Corinne Bundy


Are sunscreen safe for children?

Yes, not only are sunscreens safe for children over age 6 months, if they are used regularly in childhood they can prevent skin cancers from developing in later life.

How should sunscreens be applied?

Sunscreens are very effective when used properly. Follow these guidelines to get the most protection:

Cover all exposed areas, including ears, lips, face and back of the hands;

Don't skimp…apply a generous layer and smooth it on rather than rub it in. A rule of thumb is that 45 ml (a shot glass) of sunscreen is needed to cover all exposed skin to attain the stated level of protection.

The CDC has published a great article, Play it Safe in the Sun: A Guide for Parents, that furnishes important information on how to protect children from the sun while they are having fun playing outdoors. http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/skin/pdf/cycparentsbrochure.pdf

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