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 At Kids `R` Kids we foster your child`s cognitive development through an understanding of concepts about themselves, others, and the world around them as they observe, interact with others, and seek solutions to problems.  Our weekly themed lesson plans in the two and three year old classrooms take into account your child`s new found independance and desire to explore both on their own and with their friends in more defined group activity settings. 


Physical developmental needs are met with daily opportunities to use large muscles groups via running, jumping and balancing.  Small muscle groups are strengthened through play activites such as puzzles, painting and cutting.  Weekly themed lesson plans allow for daily activities that enable the child to meet these developmental needs every day in the classrooms and on the playground.  Our classrooms are arranged into learning centers to enhance play and learning in art, blocks, library/listening, dramatic play, math, large and small motor skills development and science.  Our preschool playground is attached to each two and three year old classroom and is equipped with age appropriate toys and equipment.


Your child will acquire an appreciation of fine arts through music, movement and art experiences in their daily routine, thus developing your child`s ability to express his/her creativity.  Weekly Spanish instruction and live music instrumentation instruction in the classrooms are helpful in advancing their creative development as well. 


As in all of our classrooms, daily sheets and quarterly assessments will keep you informed of your child`s progress at Kids `R` Kids.  We also provide internet viewing access for our parents so that they may watch their children during their day.


 The four essential components to the educational program in all of our classrooms are as follows, and our assessments follow these components:

  • language development
  • physical development
  • cognitive development
  • social and emotional development


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