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Extra Curricular Activities

What is Playball?

Playball is a highly specialized program, devised and continually updated by sports experts, occupational therapists, and educational specialists.

Playball teaches the basis for baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and more.

Playball has an impressive creative component.

Playball offers small student/teacher ratios.

 How will it help?

The medium of sports is utilized to improve gross motor development, increase concentration skills, build low muscle tone, improve hand-eye/foot-eye coordination and improve balance.


This age specific program captures the cognitive, emotional/social, and motor development differences of each age group:


This program creates a stimulating, yet fun environment rich in learning experiences, which is suited to the 2-year-old. Learning to participate with confidence in a structured environment challenges the young child emotionally and socially. Physically the 2-year-old is starting to integrate and control muscles and movement patterns and the program takes advantage of this developmental moment by providing a wide range of suitable movement and muscle strengthening exercises. The program follows a holistic approach and not only focuses on physical development, but also on language and concept formation i.e. understanding shapes, colors, direction and space.


The 'WATCH ME @ THREE' program wishes to encourage the young child to participate in the group. The environment is non-intimidating, caring and friendly. A healthy balance is maintained between fun and learning as the three-year-old is introduced to basic movement/development skills, which lay the foundation for sport competence. As this is often one of the earliest encounters with a formal environment, coaching is also directed at improving concentration and listening kills.

The three-year old will begin to learn the basis for such sports as baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer and more. We use the medium of sports to not only improve fine and gross motor development, but to also teach basic life skills. At Playball, your child will learn persistence, courage, cooperation, respect, positive relationships, self-worth, communication, responsibility and countless other attributes. We use a loving, highly creative medium to learn necessary skills, educate and play imaginative games.


The DINKIES' program focuses on mastering a variety of sport and movement skills. The balance between participation and the quality of each skill is given full consideration. By the use of repetition, the quality in execution of each skill improves. DINKIES' take great strides into the world of competent sport participation as both good ball skills as well as movement competence are established and improved upon. The four-year-old will not only learn the basis for such sports as baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer and more; but will work on putting the skills together. We refer to this as sequencing.

Please contact Trudy Snyder at 678-863-7210 or playballpals@yahoo.com

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