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Encourage Children in these Creative Ways

Posted on 07-12-2017 | Corinne Bundy


Kids R Kids #23 Watkinsville suggests creative ways to spend time with your children

It’s not unusual for a parent to experience daily stress from a job, finances, or simply everyday living. But sometimes stress can also affect children. New environments, progressing through preschool, childhood friendships, sporting events, and sibling rivalries are just a few situations that can create stress in a young child. While many of the childhood stressors need parental attention, some will be resolved with time and tender loving care. One of the best remedies for a child who is experiencing stress and anxiety is a few motivational words or actions from the parent. Here are five creative ways you can encourage your child and make any day a lot better:

Take a Break. Exchange a normal routine for something more fun. Think about something you can do that brings an unexpected smile. One example is to pick your child up early from daycare or preschool and go enjoy a fun day at the park or maybe a movie.

Speak encouraging words. Tell your child something very specific that you admire about him or her. Don’t just say, “I love you.” But say, “You made me so proud today. I saw how nice you were to the little boy at the playground.”

Help your child remember. Purchase or make an item that helps your child remember something positive and special that has happened. The idea is to create a way for positive words or memories to be visible and not forgotten.

Spend some quality time together. Schedule a weekend with your child. Choose some special events that provide quality time to talk, laugh, and listen. A camping trip and fishing are two perfect opportunities for quality time together.

Send your child to a summer camp. Enroll in a camp for the summer or another child-friendly activity with plenty of love, nurturing, encouragement, as well as opportunities to create new friendships.

While encouraging words and activities may seem small to a parent, they can make a HUGE difference to a child. Sometimes children don’t know how to express what they are feeling. Quality time with a parent can be just what a child needs to feel better. If you are looking for more ideas for ways to offer a loving and nurturing environment to your preschooler talk to the experts at Kids R Kids #23 Watkinsville. They balance learning with fun and provide an engaging preschool experience as well.

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