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Early Childhood Development Phases

Posted on 09-29-2017 | Corinne Bundy

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Early Childhood Development Phases

At Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Watkinsville, preschool is just one of the four phases vital to your child’s development. The phase that follows this is the school phase. The two phases preceding preschool (which are arguably the most important but often get overlooked) are the infant and toddler stages.

If your child is not being stimulated according to a well thought out curriculum during the first 5 years of his or her life (the first three phases), chances are that he or she will have learning related difficulties in later life - a fact that any child psychologist will attest to. Well thought out curricula, like the Kids ‘R’ Kids Brain Waves Curriculum and Steam Ahead Curriculum, will support the growth of neural pathways through play-like activities, and so ensure that your child develops the necessary language, social-emotional, cognitive and physical abilities.

The infant phase starts at 6 weeks and ends when your child turns one. For most of this phase, a child is not yet ready to partake in a group activity and needs individualized care and attention in order to develop adequately.

The toddler phase runs from one to two years of age and there needs to be a strong focus on experimental learning (learning through trying). Keep your child’s natural curiosity in mind in order to make certain that he or she develops the necessary ability to gain understanding of his or her surroundings through asking questions.

From two to five, your child is in the preschool phase and needs to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, namely elementary school. The focus here needs to be primarily on character development, self-confidence, vocabulary, problem solving and decision making skills. After this phase is completed successfully, your child will be ready for the final stage of early childhood development, which runs from five to twelve years of age. Here, he or she needs to be challenged constantly to ensure growth and learn to work alone and as part of a group.

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