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At This Magical Time of Year, Make Believe is Important!

Posted on 12-21-2016 | Corinne Bundy

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Kids R Kids #23 Watkinsville. A little boy decides to go to the "store " so he grabs a big cardboard box and pushes the box around the living room looking for the "groceries" his family needs -- a plastic cup, a newspaper and a toy -- and drops them in the box. He pretends to pay for his purchases and then proudly tells his parents, "I bought our food."

Make-believe is a necessary facet of a child's play. Pretending gives him a chance to:

Imitate adults to help him understand his environment;

Re-enact familiar situations, both good and bad, as a way of dealing with emotions;

Develop his imagination by creating fantasies, and

Learn about himself as an individual and how he fits into society.

When your child pretends, he isn't receiving outside commands or controls -- he's in control so he can take his every day, routine world and turn it into a magic place.

Your child will start by imitating you around the house, and will progress through the years to more "dramatic acting" -- possibly even becoming the commander of a vital space mission to Mars!

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